Messianic organization divided over whether God Trinity or Tri-unity

SALEM, MA. — Truth to the Jews Ministries (TJM) was in turmoil Monday when board members reached an impasse regarding their core beliefs.

“As we were drafting the official statement of faith, it became clear that there some members present who believe that God is not a Trinity, but a Tri-unity,” stated board chairman Harris C. Hunter. “This is very disconcerting, because if you have any wrong ideas about God whatsoever, then you are worshiping the wrong god and do not have saving faith.”

Vice Treasurer Ron Gantzer objects. “How can we reach our people with the message of the gospel? Jews recoil at the word Trinity,” Gantzer said. “But Tri-unity, on the other hand, sets them perfectly at ease.”

But Assistant Secretary Doug Maddock shares Hunter’s views. “As Messianic Jews, we feel like it is essential to be in continuity with the essentials of the ekklesiaAnd one of those essentials is to be very picky about what people believe and to threaten them with damnation if they differ from us.”

Hunter added, “To truly call ourselves Messianic Judaism, we must start with a fully formed Christian paradigm, and then add a smattering of Jewish terms and ideas as long as they do not challenge our paradigm in any way.”

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