Messianic man hopes worship team sings “Roni, Roni” enough times for him to finish Amidah

TORONTO — While the worship team at Shir Olam Messianic congregation starts in on their fourth round of “Roni Roni Bat Tziyon,” observant Messianic man Shimon A. Essray is hoping he can complete the Amidah before an awkward silence occurs.

Essray discreetly brought along his Artscroll Siddur in the hopes that he could complete the minimal halachic requirements for shacharit.

Messianic rabbi Dan Sparty disapproves of traditional davening. “We have freedom in Messiah. We don’t burden ourselves with vain repetitions here.”

UPDATE: The worship team has started it’s fifth time through the chorus. Sources say Essray should have plenty of time to complete his prayer.
woman lifting her hand


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