Archaeologists find head of ancient Samson action figure; other action figures sold separately


JERUSALEM — Archaeologists discovered the head of a 3000-year-old action figure depicting the biblical hero Samson.

Archaeologists unearthed the figurine in 2017 during excavations at a site near the modern-day town of Metula. The modern name of the town derives from its ancient name Matt’el, where many ancient figures were manufactured.

Israel Museum curator Cole Lector lauded the discovery. “This is a very important find, but imagine if they had kept it mint in the blister pack. It would be worth hundreds by now.”

Ancient records indicate that the toy may have had five points of articulation and originally came with an accessory of a miniature donkey jawbone.

The dig hopes to unearth the entire Pagan Temple Playset.

The figure also shows us what Biblical era head coverings may have looked like. Instead of yarmulkes, the godly characters in the Bible appear to have been wearing sweatbands. Which makes sense because Israel can get quite arid.

“The story has been run with sensationalist headlines claiming the figurine to be of a King wearing a ‘gold diadem’. I think the more likely scenario is that the figure was made to advertise a Samson themed workout gym.”

Image: Gabi Laron


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