New SotahStream™ beverage maker lets couples test fidelity at home

nature water blue abstract

AIRPORT CITY, Israel — From the makers of SodaStream, the company who popularized automatic sparkling water machines throughout the world, comes the new SotahStream™—a convenient new kitchen appliance for testing marital fidelity.

Based on the procedure of the jealous husband in Numbers 5:11-31, the SotahStream™ provides an easy way for consumers to make their own curse-inducing water of bitterness.

To use, just insert the pod containing the sacred soil and curse parchment. When the imprecation appears on the display, just press the button that says, “Amen, amen” to accept the terms and conditions of the curse. Then drink and enjoy! The results of the curse (if applicable) should appear in mere hours.

The SotahStream’s slick design is available in two elegant color options, deep scarlet or snowy white. The SotahStream comes with a sacred earthenware vessel and includes the patented snap and lock system that makes placing the vessel in the machine even more convenient and easy.


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