Newcomer to Messianic congregation not sure if vests Jewish thing, just awkward fashion statement

clothing fashion hands male

ORLANDO, FL. — Polly Esther Gabardine, a new visitor to Raiment of Splendor Messianic Congregation was puzzling last Saturday as to whether vests worn by several members had any religious significance. “I know about the fringe thingies, the ‘seat-seats’ or whatever they are called. And I know about the yarmulke,” Gabardine stated. “But why are so many guys wearing vests? Is there something about that in the Bible that I missed?”

While the number of vests seemed too high to be mere coincidence, so far Gabardine has not found any solid answers. “When I asked the rabbi, he said, ‘I just… like vests,’ but his eyes were darting around suspiciously like he was hiding something,” Gabardine noted.

Gabardine indicated that she intends to invite her husband to join her for her next visit, but she is not sure if she should tell him to wear one so that he doesn’t stand out.


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