New Messianic-Seal-K symbol certifies foods as “Biblically kosher”


WEST HAVEN, CT. — Due to overwhelming demand, a new Messianic kosher supervision agency has been formed to certify foods as “Biblically kosher.” The agency’s symbol, Messianic-Seal-K, assures the consumer that food meets Biblical (not Rabbinic) standards.

Additional letters provide more information to consumers. Dairy products will be labeled with a D, meat products with an M, and combined meat and dairy foods will display MD.

Among the assurances this hashgachah provides, consumers can be certain that the products are not halal, as that could be considered food sacrificed to idols.

The agency is still wrestling with certain questions, such as whether or not the hechsher can be placed on Christmas cookies or Easter treats. “It may depend on whether the treats truly represent the birth and resurrection of Yeshua HaMashiach, or if they represent pagan things like trees and fertility,” said head mashgiach Ben Nochri.

Special labeling will also be provided for Passover the Feast of Unleavened Bread. “It is always nice to know for certain that your whole wheat tortillas for Passover do not contain any traces of yeast,” Nochri remarked.


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