Messianic wedding authentically reflects ancient Israelite bridal customs, taco bar lunch to follow


AGOURA HILLS, CA. — Local Messianic couple Saul Suceso and Kay Saadia announced plans to wed this weekend in a ceremony based on ancient Israelite bridal customs. The feast to follow will be catered by Chipotle. “We asked them to leave out the chorizo,” Suceso explained.

“We want our marriage to be really biblical, not full of man’s traditions. And we like how the ancient Hebrew ceremony symbolizes the return of Messiah coming for his spotless bride,” Saadia said.

In keeping with the ancient practice, the couple undertook a ceremony last year called kiddushin, or betrothal. “After he paid my father the bride price, we drank the wine of betrothal, just like in Bible times. Then we all went out to celebrate at El Pollo Loco,” Saadia said.

The wedding party this weekend is set to include ten virgins holding oil lamps, although they have only found nine so far. “The lamps will really set the mood for the festivities to follow, which I like to call ‘chalupa in the chuppa,'” Suceso said.


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