OPINION: If our praise and worship had a more authentic klezmer sound, more Jews would get saved


If you ask me, the reason Jews don’t get saved when they walk into the doors of our Messianic congregations is because they don’t feel at home. And nothing makes Jews feel more at home than klezmer. You know, that European Jewish folk music with the violin, clarinet, accordion and such.

To be honest, most Gentiles like myself can’t stand that stuff, but to Jews it’s literally music to their ears. We just don’t do enough klezmer and we don’t do it right.

Now I’ve never been to a traditional non-believing synagogue, but I guarantee that their praise and worship is pretty much just klezmer music. (What else would it be?)

How will Jews even relate to our worship if it doesn’t take them back to the old country? How will they understand that our Messiah Jesus was a Jew if we are praising him in a totally Gentile way, with guitars and rock drums? Jews don’t listen to that stuff.

That’s why it’s got to be authentic. Most Messianic songs are in a minor key at least, and that’s essential. But we have to press on and really capture the klezmer sound to help keep us from appearing as goyim who are oblivious to authentic Jewish culture. L’chaim!


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