Modest woman aghast at something immodest on social media, shares it so everyone can see how immodest it is


LUBBOCK, TX. — Local modest woman Sharon Pritzis was appalled by a recent social media post depicting a young woman whose dress left little to the imagination. The scandalous content was first posted by a Indianapolis-based radio station with the caption, “Would you let your daughter wear this to her prom?”

Noting that “our bodies are not to be flaunted around for everyone to gape at,” Pritzis immediately shared the content objectionable publicly so that everyone could share her reaction. The post then appeared alongside family photos in the feeds of her 729 friends, including her 13-year-old grandson, Tim.

Sources say that Pritzis also made sure to show the photo directly to her husband, who does not have a Facebook account, saying, “This girl has got to be no older than eighteen. Just imagine what would happen if those two flimsy clips came apart! So immodest!”


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