Rabbis: Shabbat is canceled due to weather conditions

pexels-photo-12875.jpegThe National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning across much of the midwestern United States Friday, prompting Messianic Rabbis to announce that Shabbat would be canceled this week.

“Because of the blizzard, we will not be having Shabbat,” announced Messianic Rabbi Moses Lonn on his congregation’s Facebook page. Saturday will just be like any other day, with no expectations or sanctity at all.

“Usually our members travel long distances to get to Shabbat, getting in their cars and driving from other cities,” Lonn said. “Sometimes they need to get to Shabbat early to plug in their crockpot, or to tune their instruments, or to set up the merchandise table. So it just seems better to cancel Shabbat today in light of the weather forecast.”

Many Messianic leaders expressed feelings of relief at the announcement. “Sometimes you just need a Shabbat from Shabbat,” one leader told The Oneg anonymously.


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